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These Three Factors Show Bitcoin Will See a Massive Selloff at $10,000
2020-05-31 18:27:00

Bitcoin has seen some incredibly mixed price action as of late, with BTC struggling to garner any notable momentum as it approaches its heavy resistance $10,000 This resistance has proven to be insurmountable on multiple occasions throughout the past several weeks and months One analyst is now noting that BTC’s ongoing rally up towards the five-figure price region is strikingly similar to that seen in months past Three factors signal that this rally could be […]

‘We Need 30 Different Words for Censorship”, Feat. Andreas M. Antonopoulos
2020-05-31 16:27:20

The rallying cry of the totalitarian is "He farted first", but if both systems have produced similar outcomes, is there much of a difference? Today's wide-ranging discussion features Stephanie Murphy, Jonathan Mohan, Adam B. Levine and Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Amid Youtube Censorship, Individuals Flock to Decentralized Video Sharing Apps Like
2020-05-31 15:34:05

Amid Youtube Censorship, Individuals Flock to Decentralized Video Sharing Apps Like

In mid-May, reported on one of our mining pool videos being censored and banned from the video-sharing platform Youtube. The report had shown how Youtube has been censoring videos for a long time now, and the CEO specifically told the public certain coronavirus films would be removed. Youtube’s censorship has caused a number of […]

Why Family Offices Should Consider Digital Assets for Their Portfolios
2020-05-31 15:00:00

While institutional capital remains on the digital assets sidelines, family offices have shown willingness to diversify into crypto, says Constantin Kogan of BitBull Capital.

The Most Reliable Bitcoin Mixer BitMix.Biz – Your Fast Crypto Security in 2020
2020-05-31 13:48:00

The Most Reliable Bitcoin Mixer BitMix.Biz - Your Fast Crypto Security in 2020

The one who called himself Satoshi Nakomoto, created cryptocurrency so that anyone can keep their financial life untouchable and protected from the interference of others. However, requirements of customer disclosure put these principles at risk and ordinary users under threat of theft, extortion, and even kidnapping by bandits. Find out how you can protect yourself […]

Long-Term Signal for Ethereum Flips Bullish: Here’s Why It May Not Pan Out
2020-05-31 06:04:48

Although Ethereum is still over 80% below its all-time high price, the asset has registered extremely positive price action over recent months. From the March capitulation lows of $88, the asset is up over 175%. And in the past day alone, ETH is up 10%, outperforming basically all other cryptocurrencies in circulation. The recent uptrend has allowed Ethereum to print an extremely positive sign, according to a prominent crypto trader. He noted in the chart […]

Long-Term Bitcoin Outlook Is “Super-Bullish,” Says Analyst Who Called 2019 Bottom
2020-05-31 03:39:00

Bitcoin remains far below the $20,000 all-time high it established at the end of 2017’s crypto mania. But this hasn’t stopped investors from being extremely optimistic about the cryptocurrency. One prominent analyst recently said that the asset is looking “super bullish” from a long-term perspective. His comments are especially notable as he is an analyst that has nailed the directionality of this market over the past year. In the middle of 2019, when BTC was […]

Bitcoin Monthly Close is 1 Day Away: Here’s the Level That May Trigger a Big Rally
2020-05-31 00:37:12

In just a day, Bitcoin will close the May’s price candle. Analysts say that this close will be crucial for indicating in which direction the cryptocurrency market heads next. Analyst Eric “Parabolic” Thies, for instance, recently identified a level that bulls should close above to confirm that more upside is in the works. The Key Level to Watch for Bitcoin Heading Into May’s Close According to Thies, the cryptocurrency closing above the downtrend formed after […]

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