Binance: Not afraid to keep pushing
These Three Factors Show Bitcoin Will See a Massive Selloff at $10,000
2020-05-31 18:27:00

Bitcoin has seen some incredibly mixed price action as of late, with BTC struggling to garner any notable momentum as it approaches its heavy resistance $10,000 This resistance has proven to be insurmountable on multiple occasions throughout the past several weeks and months One analyst is now noting that BTC’s ongoing rally up towards the five-figure price region is strikingly similar to that seen in months past Three factors signal that this rally could be […]

‘We Need 30 Different Words for Censorship”, Feat. Andreas M. Antonopoulos
2020-05-31 16:27:20

The rallying cry of the totalitarian is "He farted first", but if both systems have produced similar outcomes, is there much of a difference? Today's wide-ranging discussion features Stephanie Murphy, Jonathan Mohan, Adam B. Levine and Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Amid Youtube Censorship, Individuals Flock to Decentralized Video Sharing Apps Like
2020-05-31 15:34:05

Amid Youtube Censorship, Individuals Flock to Decentralized Video Sharing Apps Like

In mid-May, reported on one of our mining pool videos being censored and banned from the video-sharing platform Youtube. The report had shown how Youtube has been censoring videos for a long time now, and the CEO specifically told the public certain coronavirus films would be removed. Youtube’s censorship has caused a number of […]

Why Family Offices Should Consider Digital Assets for Their Portfolios
2020-05-31 15:00:00

While institutional capital remains on the digital assets sidelines, family offices have shown willingness to diversify into crypto, says Constantin Kogan of BitBull Capital.

The Most Reliable Bitcoin Mixer BitMix.Biz – Your Fast Crypto Security in 2020
2020-05-31 13:48:00

The Most Reliable Bitcoin Mixer BitMix.Biz - Your Fast Crypto Security in 2020

The one who called himself Satoshi Nakomoto, created cryptocurrency so that anyone can keep their financial life untouchable and protected from the interference of others. However, requirements of customer disclosure put these principles at risk and ordinary users under threat of theft, extortion, and even kidnapping by bandits. Find out how you can protect yourself […]

Long-Term Signal for Ethereum Flips Bullish: Here’s Why It May Not Pan Out
2020-05-31 06:04:48

Although Ethereum is still over 80% below its all-time high price, the asset has registered extremely positive price action over recent months. From the March capitulation lows of $88, the asset is up over 175%. And in the past day alone, ETH is up 10%, outperforming basically all other cryptocurrencies in circulation. The recent uptrend has allowed Ethereum to print an extremely positive sign, according to a prominent crypto trader. He noted in the chart […]

Long-Term Bitcoin Outlook Is “Super-Bullish,” Says Analyst Who Called 2019 Bottom
2020-05-31 03:39:00

Bitcoin remains far below the $20,000 all-time high it established at the end of 2017’s crypto mania. But this hasn’t stopped investors from being extremely optimistic about the cryptocurrency. One prominent analyst recently said that the asset is looking “super bullish” from a long-term perspective. His comments are especially notable as he is an analyst that has nailed the directionality of this market over the past year. In the middle of 2019, when BTC was […]

Bitcoin Monthly Close is 1 Day Away: Here’s the Level That May Trigger a Big Rally
2020-05-31 00:37:12

In just a day, Bitcoin will close the May’s price candle. Analysts say that this close will be crucial for indicating in which direction the cryptocurrency market heads next. Analyst Eric “Parabolic” Thies, for instance, recently identified a level that bulls should close above to confirm that more upside is in the works. The Key Level to Watch for Bitcoin Heading Into May’s Close According to Thies, the cryptocurrency closing above the downtrend formed after […]

Altcoins Could Face Capitulatory Decline as Crypto Market Hits Key Resistance
2020-05-30 21:17:00

The aggregated cryptocurrency market has been struggling to spark a macro uptrend due to Bitcoin’s inability to break above $10,000 This has led it to form some heavy resistance just above its current market cap – with this level potentially being insurmountable in the near-term Analysts are also pointing to altcoins severe underperformance of Bitcoin in recent times, which could suggest that this potentially imminent market-wide decline will be brutal for smaller cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and […]

This Technical Pattern Signals Bitcoin is About to Explode to $12,000
2020-05-30 18:28:00

Bitcoin saw a sharp overnight rebound that allowed it to reclaim its position within the mid-$9,000 region This came about after a period of weakness as it traded within the lower $9,000 region It now appears that the crypto’s recent volatility has allowed it to form an incredibly bullish technical formation If it posts a breakout of this formation, the crypto could soon be trading at fresh yearly highs of around $12,000 Bitcoin and the […]

American Panic Led to the Creation and Expansion of the Corrupt Federal Reserve System
2020-05-30 18:05:15

The Federal Reserve System was created after the “Panic of 1907” and ever since its inception in 1913, the Fed is one of the most powerful modern central banks in the world. Moreover, the Fed has always been either celebrated or criticized for stepping in whenever the U.S. is stricken with some kind of fear. […]

China Passes Law Protecting Cryptocurrency Inheritance
2020-05-30 15:36:30

China Passes Law Protecting Cryptocurrency Inheritance

China has passed the country’s long-awaited civil code which expands the scope of inheritance rights to include cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin. Inherited cryptocurrencies will be protected under the new law. Meanwhile, several Chinese courts have recently ruled that bitcoin and ethereum are properties protected by law. Inherited Cryptocurrencies Protected by Law The third session of […]

Stablecoins Are the Bridge From Central Banks to Consumer Payments
2020-05-30 15:00:00

Stablecoins can mediate between central bank digital currencies and the consumer payments universe, says Sila's Alex Lipton.

ViaBTC Group Announces Strategic Upgrade to Advance Innovation and Improve Customer Experience
2020-05-30 12:34:11

ViaBTC Group Announces Strategic Upgrade to Advance Innovation and Improve Customer Experience

Hong Kong, 30 May, 2020 – ViaBTC Group, an innovative technology company specialized in blockchain and dedicated to providing users with comprehensive digital asset management services, today announced a strategic upgrade, which included a new organizational structure, product innovations and service improvements. As part of the change, the Group has established three dedicated business units […]

The Last Time This On-Chain Signal Was Seen, Bitcoin Rallied 2,000%
2020-05-30 09:06:00

Bitcoin remains below key resistances, but this hasn’t stopped investors from becoming extremely bullish on the asset. Key on-chain data indicates that the propensity that Bitcoin investors have to hold their coins is almost at all-time highs. Along with accentuating the optimism of crypto-asset holders, this is also a similar trend seen at the start of the 2017 bull market. Key On-Chain Data Shows Bitcoin on Bull Run Footing Blockchain analytics firm Glassnode recently found […]

Bitcoin Fees Fall 60% While Transaction Count Declines
2020-05-30 06:23:28

Bitcoin Fees Fall 60% While Transaction Count Declines

Bitcoin (BTC) average transaction fees dropped by nearly 60% in the last week, as the number of transactions queuing up to be processed on the network eased. According to data from Bitinfocharts, the cost of making a transaction over the Bitcoin blockchain fell to around $2.61 on May 28, down from just over $6.28 six […]

Key Derivatives Data Show Crypto Investors Are Finally Betting on a Rally
2020-05-30 06:14:00

The past few months and years have seen derivatives become increasingly important to crypto. This is largely due to the introduction of more institutional-centric fund managers, which can use vehicles like futures and options to hedge risk and maximize profits. As a result, the data the crypto derivatives markets provide have become increasingly important to analysts. With options data showing that an increasing number of traders are betting on a rally, the bull case that […]

Analyst: Bitcoin Market Structure Looks Very Similar to $10,500 February High
2020-05-30 03:13:00

Since bottoming at $8,600 over five days ago, Bitcoin has performed extremely well. The asset rallied as high as $9,650 on Thursday, liquidating dozens of millions of dollars worth of shorts in the process. Simultaneously, Ethereum saw a massive breakout past a crucial level, suggesting that BTC has room to the upside. Even still, a top trader has suggested that Bitcoin’s recent price action is looking much like the price action seen at the February […]

Bitcoin’s Funding is Flashing a Warning Sign After Rejection at Key Resistance
2020-05-30 01:22:00

Bitcoin faced a grim rejection within the upper-$9,000 region yesterday that caused it to erase most of the gains that came about as its latest push higher The subsequent decline that BTC faced has led it into a key support region, which some analysts believe will lead it to see further near-term upside It is important to note that the cryptocurrency’s funding rates, however, seem to suggest that the tides are turning back into seller’s […]

Bitcoin Hashrate Bounces Back- 2x the Mining Pools, Farm Diversification, 100 Exahash
2020-05-30 00:43:10

Around 18 days ago, the Bitcoin protocol experienced it’s third block reward halving and the network saw a 33% hashrate loss. Since then, however, bitcoin miners have increased in both number and hashpower, as the network has seen a 15-20 exahash per second (EH/s) increase. Moreover, on May 22, there were 17 mining pools hashing […]

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Slides, Stocks Tread Water on Trump China Comments
2020-05-29 23:50:22

Stocks across Asia and Europe took a dip Friday and so did bitcoin in anticipation of Trump’s comments on “deeply troubling situations” in Hong Kong.

Ethereum’s Rocketing Funding Rates a Grave Sign for Its Ongoing Rally
2020-05-29 22:31:00

Ethereum has been severely underperforming Bitcoin in recent times, but this appears to be shifting as the cryptocurrency posts a breakout rally while BTC declines This uptrend has come about as long positions for the cryptocurrency rocket higher, reaching a fresh all-time high this week In tandem with this, ETH’s funding rate has also grown massively – which is typically a grave sign that a torrent of liquidations is imminent Ethereum has been able to […]

Amazon Patents Blockchain-Based Product Authenticator
2020-05-29 22:17:36

Amazon has patented a distributed ledger-based system for proving the authenticity of consumer goods.

NewTON Blockchain Launched Test Network, Building Upon TON’s Original Source Code
2020-05-29 21:18:22

NewTON Blockchain Launched Test Network, Building Upon TON’s Original Source CodeA group of 30 independent developers launched the test network for NewTON Blockchain, one of the projects aiming to continue the cause of Telegram’s TON project after the conflict with the SEC. One of the developers behind NewTON, Anatoly, shared some details about the project with ForkLog. The team started working on NewTON two weeks prior to the launch. Aside from the test net, they were making tools for development, governance, and validation, as well as mobile and web wallets.
“The project is being developed in accordance with the principles of decentralization and open source. Community members act as validators,” said Anatoly.
Currently, there are about 30 developers on the team, many of which have won TON Blockchain Contests and other competitions.
“The community is made up of independent developers. We’re aren’t part of any for-profit organizations and are located all over the world. There are no former or current Telegram employees among us,” NewTON developer noted.
Anatoly believes that the team behind Telegram Open Network did the bulk of the work by solving the problems of scalability and transaction speed in their design:
“This is indeed a next-generation network and we wouldn’t want to such a technology going to waste.”
The next steps for NewTON are reviewing TON’s code and creating a development plan.
“As of now, we want to refine the process of collaboration on the blockchain code and are focus on that goal exclusively. Any questions about a token would be premature. We aren’t looking for investors and aren’t competing with Free TON,” Anatoly stressed.
NewTON is one of three community projects that build upon the original source code of Telegrams TON blockchain project, the other two being Free TON and the TON Blockchain initiative by the Chinese TON Community. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and join our Telegram channel to know what’s up with crypto and why it’s important.

The Battle for the Future of Money, Feat. Lawrence Summers, CZ, Michelle Phan, the Winklevoss Brothers, The Chainsmokers and More
2020-05-29 21:00:00

As the current economic crisis comes into clearer focus, how leading voices from pop culture to crypto including Carlota Perez, The Chainsmokers, Ray Yousseff and many others are reimaging money.

Bitpay Has ‘No Current Plans’ to Support Liquid or the Lightning Network
2020-05-29 20:46:04

Bitpay Has 'No Current Plans' to Support Liquid or the Lightning Network

According to Bitpay’s Chief Marketing Officer, Bill Zielke, onchain bitcoin payments still rule the roost as far as payments are concerned. Zielke detailed that at least in the near future, Bitpay won’t be supporting the Lightning Network or Blockstream’s Liquid project. Liquid or the Lightning Network Not on the Roadmap The top cryptocurrency payment processor […]

Analysts Foresee a Harsh End to Bitcoin’s Uptrend if It Losses $9,350
2020-05-29 20:19:00

Analysts believe that the uptrend Bitcoin saw yesterday may soon come to a harsh end following the cryptocurrency’s swift rejection within the upper-$9,000 region This marked yet another rejection at this heavy resistance level, and also points to some underlying weakness amongst the crypto’s buyers A low-time-frame ascending trendline was also broken by this movement, leading analysts to note that the recent rally will soon come to a swift end as BTC hovers above its […]

To Get Serious About Decentralization, We Need to Measure It
2020-05-29 20:12:40

Blockchains aim to democratize influence and control, broadening access to capital and data. But we lack metrics to whether projects achieve decentralization.

Money Reimagined: What CoinDesk’s Style Debate Says About Crypto as Public Tech
2020-05-29 19:30:01

Blockchains are flexible new forms of public infrastructure, says Michael Casey. Plus: with China rushing in, Africa is a prime battleground for the future of money.

Behind ‘Prime Broker’ Buzzword Lies a Complex Strategy Game for Crypto Firms
2020-05-29 19:21:45

Coinbase, BitGo and Genesis all announced plans to become prime brokers this month. Here's what the trend reveals about the state of the industry.

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